7 Instagram Story Ideas to Wow Your Audience

7 Instagram Story Ideas to Wow Your Audience

Introducing the Stories feature has enormously changed how people use the platform. Whether a brand or an individual, you can easily curate the feed timelines and behind-the-scenes content on the Stories. Similarly, they also buy instagram story views to expand their content reach and visibility in minutes.

All these casual sharings generate higher engagement as people almost watch Stories on a daily basis. So want to spice your Stories and get more views for them? Then, we are here to help you out. We have let the cat out of the bag for you. So please make use of it wisely!

Tips and Tricks for Making Creative Instagram Stories

If truth be told, you can still make your stories stand out from the rest without going on for any of the outside editing applications. All you need to know is some tricky curves and how to place them in the right spot. Here is how you can do it.

#1 Make Use of Rainbow Or Ombre Letters

If you use letters fonts like ombre and rainbow in your Story content, it will make standard text look attractive to the eyes of the audience. It adds some flashes of color shades for your Story text for a classy look. You can do this by following the below steps

  • Type out the text and then select all.
  • Then go on to the color selection tool.
  • Slide through both the text and the color at the same time.
  • And you will see the color gradients in your text.

#2 Collage Multiple Photos in Your Stories

This can be the best idea to create engagement and attention for your Instagram Stories. Make use of your Stories platform as a scrapbook of your timeline memories or special moments. This way, you can actively increase your connection and relationship with your followers or audience. Also, it is best for the brands to showcase their product and achievements by creating a collage of the whole events or product dimensions. In addition, brand owners can also buy instagram impressions to get instant reach and recognition for their Stories.

#3 Turning Out Your Live Photo Into Boomerang

If you are a user who posts Stories frequently in your account, then you might know how the boomerang works for you. But, want to know a secret for creating an attractive boomerang with a live photo? Then here it is!

To create such boomerang Stories for your upcoming posts then, follow these steps,

  • Take your picture.
  • select the live photo option from your Stories upload a cue.
  • Hold down on the respective image in your device.
  • Then watch out for how it gets uploaded as a boomerang video.

#4 Reveal Your Picture Using the Eraser Tool

In case you are a brand launches a product, you can use this technique to reveal your products in parts. It adds a bit of mystique or fascination among your audience to know the whole picture. By using the eraser tool, you can show some bytes of your to-be-featured products. This will eventually increase the engagement rate for your profile and your Stories. Simultaneously, you may try out EarnViews to steer up your content’s visibility and exposure in a reasonable period.

#5 Make Themed Spotlight Stories

By spotlighting your Stories with a theme, you can easily connect with your audience. Also, creating such Stories for an event your audience is most interested in shows that you care about them. This will simultaneously build and strengthen your foundation with your valuable viewers. Besides, you can use this to spotlight your relevant niche’s talented people and inspirational and business personalities.

#6 Add Shadows to Your Text

Apart from pictures, stickers, and videos, you can get creative with your in-app design outlets. For example, you can create shadow text to make your stories even more appealing. Likewise, by adding two colors to the same text content, you can also give layered colors.

For this, you just need to simply type out the required text in a darker or lighter shade. Then you have to place it in your story. Afterward, repeat the same thing by making the text lay on the previous text slightly slantingly.

It’s A Wrap!

The tips and ideas shared above are only some, and there are plenty more that you can come up with in your Stories. Hence, learn how to make use of the tools effectively and wow your audience. There is no measured limit to your creativity. So make the best out of it!